Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery


 Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery is a precious cultural & religious heritage of Rolwaling. It is the main monastery in Rolwaling.

The monastery is also a precious gift of our ancestors. Although the actual date of the first construction of the monastery is not known, according to the oral tradition the monastery was built around 300 years ago and prior to it there used to be hermitage of great yogis.

Also a prophecy about the monastery states that the beding monastery (now, Sangag Choling Monastery) will undergo renovation for 5 times- having been renovated 3 times already. And every time the monastery is renovated it is enlarged.

The present monastery building is the renovated one in 1957 as the  previous one was smaller in size. So to accommodate the population of Rolwaling ,then, and also to facilitate the Dharma practice in more extensive way the old monastery building was renovated and enlarged.