Current Difficulties and Needs of the school

It has not been long since we started this school, and there is no regular source of fund  so we are struggling with many challenges. Our most urgent needs and challenges are:


1.      Hostel for Children and Staff:

The most urgent need is the arrangement of the proper accommodation of the children and the staff. Therefore construction of hostel for the children and staff is our urgent need.


2.      Kitchen and Dining Hall

Currently we are managing by temporary small kitchen. So we need a proper kitchen and a dining hall to accommodate all the children and the staff.


3.     Drinking Water Facility

There is no drinking water distribution facility and no public taps in the village. The nearest source of drinking water from the school is a stream which is around 2.5 km away which takes around 1 hour. Therefore supply of the drinking water to the school is very important for us.