Drinking Water Supply System

What is this project about?

This project is about constructing an effective and durable drinking water distribution system in Rolwaling. This project aims to supply drinking water to 94 households, monastery and school in the Beding village in Rolwaling. The project involves building durable drinking water distribution system- building the intake from stream, construction of main reserve tank, laying distribution pipes, setting up public taps.

Why is this project important?

The main settlement area of Rolwaling people is the Beding village. The only source of drinking water to the villagers is the Rolwaling river that flows through the valley. Even though there is stream water in the village it is far and the villagers face difficulty walking long to fetch the water. Therefore they fetch the water from the Rolwaling khola. But this water is not so suitable for drinking. The water is muddy during rainy season and gets frozen during winter. Also a recent study found that this river water contains suspended particle (silt) to great extent, making it unsafe for drinking.

Moreover the only one school in the valley, Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery School is facing difficulty due to unavailability of the drinking water supply to the school. The school has 15 children and four staff. Also the main monastery in the valley, Rolwaling Sanga Choling Monastery needs water during every religious ceremonies and festivities. Also, during autumn, which is the trekking and climbing season in Rolwaling, trekking and mountaineering teams face difficulty due to unavailability of accessible clean drinking water in the village.

Who will benefit ?

This project will bring enormous benefit to the Rolwaling people for very long time. Around 94 households, monastery and the school will directly benefit from the clean drinking water. They will have access to clean drinking water next to their home thereby saves time as well. Moreover any visitors to Rolwaling will be benefitted from this project.