Rolwaling Sangag Choling School

Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery School
Registeration No: 3486
Established year: 2067/068

About the school
Established in 2010 in a remote mountain valley of Rolwaling, by the compassionate guru Tulku Ngawang Lapsum Rinpoche, a learned Buddhist scholar, Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery School is an educational institution which provides completely free education and free boarding to the children of families who cannot afford to send their children to school.
Currently the school is providing primary level education to 14 children who belong to different parts of Dolakha district. The school takes care of education, boarding, medical, clothing and other needs of the children.
This school was started in 2010 with 6 children and one teacher. Then in 2011-12, an invitation was sent through radio in Dolakha district for those poor families to bring their children. Then 11 children were picked after verifying their family backgrounds and medical report. Initially classes were conducted in one of the building of the monastery and boarding arranged in a local house. Now the school has its own small classrooms, constructed in 2012, to run the classes, which was made possible through the kind support from Mr. Branislav Strycek of Slovakia.

 Words from Tulku Ngawang Lapsum Rinpoche
The Founder and Principle of the school
“Today whether a child from mountain or the child from city they both require knowledge of modern education for their bright future, but equally important is the knowledge of morality and spirituality which can be acquired through study of the vast teachings of the Buddha. What is happening is , modern schooling education is inclined on materialism and lacks spirituality. And traditionally monastic education has been focusing on spirituality. Therefore today bringing these two streams of knowledge together is important. This will equip  today’s and future generation to face modern day problems.

In rural mountain area like Rolwaling there are many children who are deprived of this indispensable basic need- the education. And particulary in Rolwaling, which is a holy land of Guru Padhmashambava, we had monastic institutional set up to study Buddhism in the past.
So realizing the need of giving both modern education and traditional Buddhist education to the new generation I have established this school. Even though there are many difficulties due to lack of facilities, providing good education and produce a good human being who will benefit more of other human being is the purpose of the school. After completing the education from the school these children have their freedom to decide to stay celibate as monk and stay in monastery or to live a lay life. It is upto them.”

 Objective of School:

"To provide good education and produce a good human being who will benefit more of other human being."
Current Difficulties and Needs of the school
It has not been long since we started this school, and there is no regular source of fund  so we are struggling with many challenges. Our most urgent needs and challenges are:

1.      Hostel for Children and Staff:
The most urgent need is the arrangement of the proper accommodation of the children and the staff. Therefore construction of hostel for the children and staff is our urgent need.

2.      Kitchen and Dining Hall
Currently we are managing by temporary small kitchen. So we need a proper kitchen and a dining hall to accommodate all the children and the staff.

3.      Drinking Water Facility
There is no drinking water distribution facility and no public taps in the village. The nearest source of drinking water from the school is a stream which is around 2.5 km away which takes around 1 hour. Therefore supply of the drinking water to the school is very important for us.